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Dr. Brian Lambert is a highly regarded sales expert in the SaaS industry with over 20 years of experience in commercial human productivity. He helps executives develop customer-centric go-to-market strategies, aligning behavioral systems across various functions to improve revenue performance. Brian transforms training, marketing, and sales departments into strategic sales enablement functions, reducing rep time to proficiency.


Positioning Results and Outcomes to Executives

Selling Results and Outcomes to Executives teaches sales professionals how to identify the key metrics that matter most to executives, then plan, execute and measure a strategy for achieving these goals.

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The Business Challenges Faced by Executives

Executives faced with the challenge of staying ahead of competitors and growing their businesses need to adopt strategies to expand their reach, increase customer engagement
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Inner Peace: Why You Should Not Hate Your Boss

Why do we hate our bosses? How does this affect our work performance, productivity and satisfaction?
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How to Buy Technology

Buyers don't make decisions based on your product. They make decisions based on the technical, financial, and emotional reasons. You need to push them forward
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The One Trait to Eliminate Salesperson Stress

Are you a new salesperson who's feeling overwhelmed and in over your head? Let this article show you how to eliminate stress as a new
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Best Practices for Marketing and Sales

Drive sales growth with cross-functional alignment and buyer engagement. Learn key questions for alignment and how to create a value message framework
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Sending and Receiving Sales Messages

Learn how to send and receive sales messages! This article will teach you the basics of sales messaging, including when to send, what to say,
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Just because salespeople don’t, doesn’t mean they can’t

Overcome limiting beliefs to reach success. Learn about common obstacles & strategies to challenge them. Embrace growth mindset & achieve your goals
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