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Dr. Brian Lambert is a highly regarded sales expert in the SaaS industry with over 20 years of experience in commercial human productivity. He helps executives develop customer-centric go-to-market strategies, aligning behavioral systems across various functions to improve revenue performance. Brian transforms training, marketing, and sales departments into strategic sales enablement functions, reducing rep time to proficiency.


Cultivating Growth Through Multiplicative Collaboration

Collaboration at its finest goes beyond mere cooperation, demonstrating the power of working together to achieve results that far surpass what individuals can accomplish on their own

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Transformational Leadership

This article explores how effective leadership creates an environment where taking calculated risks is not only accepted but also essential for driving innovation.
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The comfort zone challenge is real. What happens next?

The capacity to pivot and change is no longer just an edge in the digital age; it is essential. Adopting these seven principles gives you
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This Magic Number is Holding You Back

We all use data segmentation as a strategy to simplify cognitive processing and retention. It involves segmenting information into categorical “chunks” to navigate constraints.
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Customers today expect more than just products — they want personalized experiences, quick resolutions, and meaningful interactions.
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When Data is Nobody’s Responsibility

In various industries, a complex situation is surfacing where data is seen as a widespread issue, yet no one entity explicitly has ownership.
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Roadmap 4: Strategic Sales Enablement Leader

This learning journey focuses on practical skills like creating content strategies and sales messages that are compelling, using data to guide sales decisions, and creating
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Roadmap 2: Go-To-Market Leader

his lesson plan focuses on how to develop complete GTM strategies and emphasizes the need for cross-functional alignment and sales enablement to ensure the effective
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