7 Ways to Improve Your Resiliency in Business

Leaders within any organization need to focus on staying positive no matter what challenge comes their way. Embracing positivity can feel almost impossible during your career’s most demanding days. Today, we will share seven tips to improve your resilience and stay optimistic no matter what life throws your way.

Practice Optimism

It can be easy to start falling into a negative thought pattern when everything goes wrong. However, when you think everything is going wrong around you, you are far more likely to attract more issues into your life. Practice optimism every time you are struggling to stay positive. Think about the best-case scenario instead of always catastrophizing what is going on. You’ll soon find that you can apply this attitude to every situation and that positivity becomes your go-to way of operating.

Be Clear On What Success Looks Like

Many of us don’t know what we aim for in our workplaces. If you struggle with staying positive or don’t feel like you are a success, reframe your thoughts surrounding success. Make sure you have a good idea of what success would be in every situation to communicate this to your team. You’ll find it’s much easier to overcome challenges and keep moving forward to reach your goals.

Lean On Others

You don’t need to keep everything to yourself when you are having a bad day. As a leader, putting on a brave face and trying to show positivity in any situation can always be tempting. However, you’ll feel much better about yourself by venting to a trusted colleague. You’ll get everything out of your system and know that you always have someone to talk to if a problem arises again.

Don’t Personalize Failure

Failure isn’t always about you; we all blame ourselves when things go wrong. Whether you played a part in the issue or not, you need to learn not to take things so personally in business. When we can separate ourselves from our work, we start to set healthier boundaries and learn how to keep staying positive during even the most difficult days.

Serve Others

We recommend concentrating on serving others to stop focusing on yourself and find more positivity in your work. As a manager, you can do that every day with your team. Build up your resiliency by reminding yourself who you are trying to help each day with your work actions. When we put others above ourselves, it’s much easier to remain positive and not get too caught up in our heads about what went wrong.

Manage Stress

We all need to find a healthy way to manage stress and stay positive in life. For some of us, that’s going for a five-mile run after work, whereas others need to switch off in front of Netflix for the night. Try to find a way to cultivate positivity and manage stress at work. Instead of sitting up all night worrying about something you did or said, find a way to put your stress aside and separate your personal and professional life.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

The best way to improve your resiliency at work is to constantly expose yourself to new experiences. As a leader, you shouldn’t always do what feels comfortable. Instead, it would help if you kept challenging yourself in your career. While it can feel uncomfortable doing this, the more you push yourself outside your comfort zone, the more you’ll embrace positivity to overcome any challenge.

As you can see, there are many ways to work on your leadership resilience. No matter your industry, you’ll find that days will always test your patience and positivity. However, by staying positive in any situation, you’ll find that you lead by example and can create a better working environment for you and your team. Life is all about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, so the more you try new things and deal with uncertainty, the more likely you’ll be resilient during the next test that comes your way.

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