6 Key Strategies for Sales-Ready Content Marketing

As a marketing leader, ensure that every part of your business that communicates with the outside world has clear and consistent messaging; this includes sales, customer service, and human resources. It’s the job of the content marketing team to help achieve this. While some larger organizations may have embedded content resources in non-marketing functions, not all companies have this luxury. Therefore, content marketing should take the lead in setting goals, defining the organization’s core messaging, and establishing content standards.

Assuming that you have a messaging and positioning strategy in place, here are six common ways your content marketing team can engage cross-functionally to drive value for your company:

Content Marketing & Sales

By providing educational content, such as blog posts, eBooks, webinars, and case studies, content marketing can help educate potential customers about the benefits of your company’s products or services. This frees the sales team to focus on understanding the customer’s pain points and how your product can solve them.


Content Marketing & Product

Content teams often collaborate with product teams on persona research, feature releases, internal/external presentations, and new product launches. Content can help build excitement and anticipation for new products through social media campaigns, blog posts, earned bylines, third-party posts, and email marketing campaigns.


Content Marketing & Customer Service

Your customer service team can use content to help educate and inform customers about your products or services. Creating content that answers frequently asked questions can reduce customer inquiries and improve their experience.


Content Marketing & Human Resources

Content can help attract and retain talent. By creating content showcasing your company culture and values, you can help potential employees understand what it’s like to work for your company and why it’s a great place.


Content Marketing & Public Relations

Content can be a powerful tool in shaping public opinion about your company. By creating content that showcases your company’s thought leadership and expertise, you can help position your company as a leader in your industry.


Content Marketing & Events

Events are an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers and prospects. By creating content that supports your event, such as email invitations, social media posts, and presentations, you can help drive attendance and engagement.

In conclusion, a strong content marketing strategy can help support and drive value for every department in your organization. By collaborating with other functions, content marketing can help ensure that your company has a clear and consistent voice and point of view that comes through in all internal and external channels.

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